Nutrition and Diet

Nutrition and Diet

Fit4100 brings you the latest information on how to eat well for longevity and advice on turning nutritional science into practical and meaningful change – so you can live better for longer. Food means more than fuel. It is so



The Benefits of Staying Active as we Age Harness the most powerful secret to longevity with Fit4100’s exercise advice. Featuring new ideas, research, and practical tips, this advice is the helping hand you need to get active, become a super

Enhance your Brain Power with Meditation

Meditation and Mindfulness

Turn an ancient practice into a modern-day miracle with Fit4100’s practical advice on the anti-aging power of meditation and mindfulness. Learn how to simply and effectively use evidence-backed methods in your daily life, so you can live better for longer.

Fit 4 100 Positive Ageing

Menopause – Are you Ready for the Next Chapter

For many women, entering menopause is a daunting experience. Despite being a completely normal and natural process, limited resources and education about the transition have led to a larger amount of misinformation, societal shame, and confusion about menopause. But this

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Anti Ageing Guide on Living to 100

Fit4100 is your partner on the journey to a longer, happier, and healthier life.

Our purpose is to bring you the best anti-aging ideas and information by cutting through the confusing contradictions of health and wellbeing advice.

Fit4100 provides balanced, clear, and inspirational guidance without the jargon or the bias.

We put you in the best position to achieve your longevity goals with articles that focus on the three pillars of anti-aging transformation:

#1 – Nutrition Tips For Anti Aging
Fit4100 helps you make choices about what you eat and how you eat that can add years to your life and energy to your days.

Follow our nutrition updates for recommendations from experts, new discoveries, and plain-language tips and tricks that help you make change and stick to it.

#2 – Exercise Tips for Anti Ageing
Revolutionise (or kickstart) your fitness regime with Fit4100’s workout ideas and explainers that help you reduce the risk of life-shortening conditions while increasing your longevity, health, and happiness.

#3 – Mindfulness and Meditation Tips for Anti Ageing
Use Fit4100’s coverage of mindfulness and meditation news, advice, and research to improve your mental and physical health while discovering ways to cope with stress and experience joy more readily.

Making change is a personal process and committing to actions that can extend and improve your life can be daunting. That’s why Fit4100 mixes its informative articles with moments of motivation.

Alongside our exploration of the latest and most reliable anti-aging techniques, we’ll introduce you to older people who tell their life stories and share practical insights about how to approach aging right.

Fit4100 is passionate about helping you along your health, happiness, and longevity path because it is the same one that we’re treading. We believe it is a privilege to learn alongside you and to make aging a joyful and life-affirming process for everyone.